The Eyes of Father Margil, Los Ojos de Padre Margil, is a sacred, miraculous space located in Nacogdoches, Texas, USA. In 1718, during a severe time of drought in deep eastern Texas, Fr. Antonio Margil de Jesus, ofm, founder of the Mission of Our Lady of Guadalupe de Los Nacogdoches and founder of the Catholic missions in Nachitoches, Louisiana and San Antonio, Texas, spent a vigil night in earnest prayer to God seeking and end to the drought; during this vigil, as he recorded in his writings, he saw a vision of a rock, near Lanana Creek, from which water was copiously flowing.  As he said he was, in the vision, instructed, he found the rock and struck it with his walking staff and water immediately began to flow, Water is still flowing freely from this rock and, where ther was once a patch of dry land, there now is a small, verdent wetland teeming with both plant and animal life in the water and near it.  This miracle, as was determined to be by the Vatican Cause for Canonization of the Saints, was included in the reason why in 1836 was he declared Venerable by Pope Gregory XVI.

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Coming soon....  A Light In Deep East Texas

A Light in Deep East Texas is a short documentary film about the food pantry of Sacred Heart Catholic Church and its amazing founder, Zino Boehmer, a humble man of incredibly deep personal faith and commitment to his God and his fellow man.

 Leaving Town by the band Critical Mass.  David Wang is the lead singer

This is  video for the song Leaving Town from Critical Mass's as yet unnamed forthcoming new album.  Critical Mass is based out Toronto, Ontario, Canada and has been making quite an impact in the Christian music industry.

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